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Congratulations to Dr. Jeff Wakefield, Natural Resources Technical Director - Economics, out of our Philadelphia office, on being named the 2023 Steven W. Carothers Scientific Merit Award recipient.​​​​​

Since becoming a part of SWCA in 2022, Jeff has played a pivotal role as the leader of economic studies, providing invaluable support to projects spanning the nation. His contributions have attracted widespread recognition, with clients and peers expressing their gratitude through numerous letters and comments. Jeff’s commitment to excellence is evident in his professionalism, technical solutions, and proactive approach to learning. He thrives on fostering collaborative efforts, and he is dedicated to exceptional client service and commitment to quality by consistently aiming for the highest standards. 

Jeff’s impact extends beyond the workplace, as he shares his knowledge through scientific papers on topics related to Natural Resource Damage Assessments, and regularly presents at conferences and law seminars. His favorite contribution is summarized in the Journal of Marine Policy “Social Cost Benefit Analysis for Deep Sea Minerals Mining,” which assesses the social costs and benefits of mining deep-sea minerals in the Pacific Island Region, focusing on seafloor sulphides in Papua New Guinea, manganese nodules in the Cook Islands, and cobalt-rich crusts in the Republic of Marshall Islands.


The annual Steven W. Carothers Scientific Merit Award honors a scientist who follows in the footsteps of our founder by applying sound science and creative solutions to maintain our professional credibility, develop our business strategy, and successfully evaluate and pursue new lines of business. The 2023 Carothers Award recipient was selected from the list of 2023 Lawrence S. Semo Scientific Achievement award winners.