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Reid Persing is stepping into the pivotal role of Program Management Vice President, where he will lead the development and scaling of SWCA’s client-focused program management teams across the nation. These teams nurture and grow strategic relationships, partner with clients to scale up SWCA’s business and provide career-defining development for teams.

Reid’s desire to learn about SWCA’s clients, employees, and business have guided his career path. He has held positions at all levels of the organization from Natural Resources Technician, to Project Manager, and three different Director roles. Reid’s experience building and scaling internal and external teams, developing talent, and cross-discipline collaboration make him the perfect fit for this role.

Reid’s vision for the future of program management is client-focused and employee-centric. He will empower program management teams to think bigger and differently, collaborate with clients to help them understand what they can achieve working with SWCA, and will continue to focus on solutions that create value for program management teams, partners in operations, employees, and clients. 

“I’m most excited by the opportunities that program management will provide for both SWCA’s clients and employees. The partnerships we have developed with our program management clients helps them achieve their business objectives – while providing SWCA with career-defining opportunities for our employees; an environment to nurture innovation, creativity, and explore new ways of working; and the opportunity to grow with our clients,” said Reid.