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What is the secret to developing your career as a cultural resource’s practitioner? According to Brandon Gabler, a strategic growth director at SWCA, it’s all about growing and leveraging your network and staying active in professional organizations.

With a dynamic career spanning from field archaeology to business development leadership, Brandon began seeking a strategy- and client-focused role in the fall of 2023. Drawing upon his extensive network nurtured through his involvement with the American Cultural Resources Association (Committee member, Board Member, and now Treasurer), Brandon was pointed toward promising opportunities, ultimately fielding multiple job offers during his search. 

In a recent episode of the Environmental Professionals Radio (EPR) podcast with hosts Nic Frederick and Laura Thorne from the Environmental Professionals Radio, Brandon explains how he evaluated multiple offers to land at SWCA and provides a myriad of career development advice for cultural resources professionals.  

Listen to the podcast and learn more about cultural resources services at SWCA.