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Collective action aligns with company’s commitment to protect and restore water-related ecosystems.

SWCA is pleased to announce it has joined the Water Resilience Coalition, an initiative to address the global water crisis by advancing corporate water stewardship around the world. As one of the 37 member organizations, SWCA is ready to support the Water Resilience Coalition’s ambition to achieve positive water impact in over 100 water-stressed basins that support 3 billion people by 2030.

“We’re passionate about supporting clients and taking collective action to address global environmental challenges — and improving water security in watersheds throughout the world is a challenge that’s too large for one company to solve alone,” said Robert Kloepfer, SWCA’s global strategic management officer.  “It is incredibly meaningful to collaborate with member organizations and contribute our technical knowledge around water resources to make a greater impact where it matters most.”

Founded in 2020, The Water Resilience Coalition, is an industry-driven, CEO-led coalition of the UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate. It aims to elevate global water stress to the top of the corporate agenda and preserve the world’s freshwater resources through collective action in water-stressed basins and ambitious, quantifiable commitments.

Through this action, SWCA takes another step forward in the company’s ongoing commitment to its positive impact areas aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This is in addition to protecting and restoring water-related ecosystems by helping organizations:

  • Integrate water resources management
  • Conduct water risk assessments
  • Identify creative solutions and implement nature-positive solutions to mitigate the impacts of drought and erosion
  • Protect water quality in streams, rivers, lakes, aquifers, and wetlands

Learn more about sustainability and management consulting and water resources at SWCA.