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The process of assessing and compensating for natural resource damages following an oil spill in U.S. waters is complex. In a recent article featured in West’s Waypoints magazine, Ralph Markarian, principal environmental scientist, and Jeff Wakefield, natural resources technical director of economics, emphasize the importance of having a well-prepared Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) team from the responsible party to work alongside government trustees in determining the scope and impact of environmental damage. 

For stakeholders involved in maritime operations, environmental law, or resource management, the full article offers critical insights and practical guidance on navigating the legal and environmental aftermath of oil spills. Read on for a detailed exploration of the challenges and strategies in assessing, disputing, and settling natural resource damages –a compelling case for early intervention and sound scientific methodology in environmental disaster responses.

Learn more about NRDA services at SWCA and read the full article via West’s Waypoints magazine.