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Interested in the latest in technology infrastructure and the evolving role of Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)? In a recent episode of the “Inside the Mind of the CTO” podcast by Upstack, Linda Lannen, CTO at SWCA, shares her journey from an “accidental CTO” to a business-critical leader. She highlights the importance of balancing technical expertise with strategic business insight, underscoring how innovation involves experimentation and a tolerance for failure.

Linda explains how modern CTOs and their teams are partners for their clients, crafting solutions that align with business objectives. She also discusses GeoAI, revealing how SWCA is pioneering the use of AI in ways that enhance human expertise rather than replace it.

For anyone keen on staying ahead in the tech world, tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how CTOs are driving technological and business success.

Listen here and learn more about Technology at SWCA.