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SWCA’s Kickstart your RMP Workshop is online, highly interactive, and includes facilitated breakout sessions with our expert instructors.

During this 3-day workshop, your BLM interdisciplinary team (ID team) will kick-start its resource management plan (RMP) with a solid foundation. The team will work together to begin internal scoping, develop preliminary planning issues, identify key stakeholders and how and when to engage them throughout the planning process, refine your planning criteria and purpose and need statement, develop a structured approach to designing a range of alternatives to respond to the planning issues without pitting interest groups against each other from the start, and develop a structured approach to analyzing the effects of the alternatives. The BLM and key stakeholders who attend this workshop will begin or strengthen a relationship that should last throughout the planning process and into implementation.

We will work directly on kicking off your RMP. We may also use example materials from other RMPs in the course materials. The course is highly interactive and includes breakout workshops facilitated by instructors where you will work on your RMP in an instructional and interactive workshop atmosphere.

Course Fees

  • Non-Government Rate - $995
  • Government Rate - $895
  • Tribal Rate - $795

Course Materials
Instructors will provide registrants with access to a digital training manual, course workbook, and additional training resources. 

Intended Audience

  • The entire ID Team for the BLM Field Office’s resource management plan, and non-BLM key stakeholders (e.g., cooperating agencies, other agencies, contractors, tribes, organizations, etc.)
  • We encourage the decision-maker to attend.

After completion of the workshop, participants will be able to

  • Outline the steps of the planning process.
  • Identify preliminary issues for analysis.
  • Refine the purpose and need and planning criteria.
  • Implement a structured approach to alternatives development that would include:
    • Identifying a vision for the planning area and themes for the alternatives to meet the vision, and
    • Identifying allocations and management actions for a sample of representative resources across the range of alternatives.
  • Document analysis assumptions, methodology, preliminary resource indicators, and cause-effect relationships to provide a framework for the environmental consequences.

Ready to Learn?

For more information about the Kickstart your RMP Workshop, contact SWCA.

achilds [at] (Contact SWCA  →)