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Our company was founded on scientific excellence, and today we continue to reward our employees for their commitment to scientific principles.

SLP gives me the opportunity to keep my roots as a field biologist while also allowing me to advance my career. This program is one of the flagship attributes that makes our company unique from many others.


Our Science Leadership Program offers a way for our specialists – including biologists, cultural resource experts, and technical experts – to share their work and ideas with the company as a whole. We also offer forums for every employee at every level to exchange ideas to make the company more efficient and more successful.

We offer incentives and bonuses to employees who publish their work and those who create new ideas that make SWCA a better place for our employees and our clients. In this way, we seek to maintain and expand SWCA’s scientific and technical capabilities and bring life to our creed of “Sound Science. Creative Solutions.”

Science Leadership Program at a Glance

66+ Presentations

$13K Publication Bonuses

74 Program Participants

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