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SWCA Is Ready Where You Are, When You Are

Whatever phase your project is in, we are here to help.

The past few months, COVID-19 operational restrictions and safety practices have led to project schedule adjustments nationwide. While restrictions have started to ease, our teams have been working behind the scenes to support our clients as they return to business at their own pace.

SWCA driving distance map

One of the lessons learned from past economic recoveries is the importance of getting people back to work on projects as soon as safely possible, and keeping critical, necessary work on schedule. Here are a few ways SWCA has responded to those needs:


Throughout this pandemic, we’ve turned to our core values and purpose statement to guide us.

Our purpose is simple: to preserve natural and cultural resources for tomorrow while enabling projects that benefit people today.

Four core values – OneSWCA, Always Learning, Never Settle, and Gives Back – serve as daily reminders about how SWCA contributes to something bigger through our employees, business model, clients, and communities.

We are always learning, and our COVID-19 task force has been both gathering from and sharing our response strategies with our clients and industry partners. As we manage uncertainties and challenges together, we hope to hear more about your successes and innovations. We are committed to staying ready to support you. Contact us to talk more.