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We are pleased to announce that Mike Lancioni has joined SWCA as a Director in our Business Development and Strategy Team working out of our Fort Collins, Colorado office.  Mike brings over 30 years of executive leadership experience in the environmental field having served most recently as President of the Science & Environment Division of Cardno. 

He is an experienced leader and graduate of the Indiana University O’Neill School of Public & Environmental Affairs. He owned a small consulting business in central Indiana during the 1990’s focusing on industrial water and wastewater before joining JFNew & Associates as Chief Operating Officer in 2002, ultimately taking over as President in 2014 after their acquisition by Cardno.

Opting to leave after another recent acquisition, Mike and his wife have recently moved from the Chicago area to Fort Collins, CO. He looks forward to engaging more in the full range of activities he is passionate about outside of work (backpacking, hiking, running, biking). Mike has served on multiple boards, was an elected Town Councilman, and has been engaged in various trade associations over his career.