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SWCA Environmental Consultants announces the appointment of four vice presidents to lead the strategic direction, financial performance, client development, staff management, and scientific and technical quality for the firm’s newest subregions. These additions reflect SWCA’s commitment to supporting its people, clients, and projects across diverse markets and locations.

“At SWCA, growth isn’t simply a metric; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence,” said Chief Operating Officer Bob Kroeger. “It’s exciting to see this growth create opportunities for our emerging leaders who are forging strong partnerships with our clients and driving us toward greater heights. Congratulations Brian, Heather, Josh, and Mike!”


Brian Mehok – Vice President, Gulf Coast Subregion

Brian will serve as vice president of the Gulf Coast subregion and its Houston and Baton Rouge offices. Joining SWCA in 2017, and most recently serving as senior natural resources director of the Gulf Coast subregion. Brian played a pivotal role in enhancing the company’s reputation in the oil and gas industry and growth into the disaster recovery and resilience sector, leading to substantial market expansion and financial growth, benefiting not only the Gulf Coast subregion but also neighboring subregions. 

Brian brings a strong background in consulting, sales growth, market diversification, and promoting collaboration across operations to this role. 


Heather Gibson – Vice President, Southern California/Pacific Islands Subregion

Heather will serve as vice president of the Southern California and Pacific Islands subregion and its Honolulu, San Diego, and Pasadena offices. Joining SWCA in 2014, and most recently serving as cultural resources senior director, she brings a unique set of skills and breadth of experience to this role, including success at building an organization to scale, leading a diverse team, and excellence in strategic thinking and problem-solving.

Heather was a recent awardee of the Larry S. Semo Scientific Achievement Award. Inspired by the late biologist Larry Semo, the award recognizes individuals who show passion, creativity, and scientific excellence in a manner that advances SWCA’s purpose, mission, vision, and values.


Josh Perry – Vice President, Central Texas/Oklahoma Subregion

Josh will serve as vice president of the Central Texas/Oklahoma subregion and its Arlington, Austin, and San Antonio offices, with distributed staff in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Joining SWCA in 2012, and most recently serving as director of the Arlington office, Josh brings a multidisciplinary skillset to this role with years of experience in project management, permitting, and business development.

Josh was the first recipient of SWCA’s Chris Garrett Project Management Excellence Award. Inspired by hydrologist Chris Garrett, the award recognizes exceptional project managers who show a strong vision for project success, accountability for outcomes, communication and collaboration abilities, delegation, and influential leadership.


Michael Lychwala – Vice President, Midwest/Northeast Subregion

Mike will serve as vice president of the Midwest/Northeast subregion and its offices in Amherst, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Portland, Maine. Mike joined SWCA in 2019 to lead the establishment of the Portland office, planting SWCA’s easternmost flag and recruiting a high-performing team of consulting professionals. 

Mike brings more than 27 years of consulting experience in licensing and permitting large-scale energy projects, project management, and biological resources to this position.