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Jaap Eijzenga has been promoted to Senior Project Management Technical Director. In this role, Jaap and his team will develop SWCA’s Project Management Ecosystem - a comprehensive system of tools, training, processes, and personnel resources designed to drive project execution and enable teams to successfully partner with clients to achieve project goals and ensure strong operational performance.

With over two decades of experience in ornithology, Jaap has led numerous projects across the US and Europe, specializing in research, resource management, endangered species compliance, and project management. A significant highlight of his career includes his decade-long tenure as Director of the Pacific Islands office here at SWCA, where he demonstrated exceptional leadership in overseeing multidisciplinary environmental projects.

Jaap holds a BS in Wildlife Management/Conservation Biology from the Van Hall Institute and an MS in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology from the University of Hawai’i. 

“My vision for this role is centered on a comprehensive approach that includes assessing current project management practices, identifying challenges and needs, and implementing innovative solutions that align with SWCA’s core values and long-term goals. To better develop the project management ecosystem, I will listen to companywide stakeholders and use their insights to create detailed plans, while emphasizing the vitality of project management and how it supports our core mission of delivering client services and advancing science and technical services,” said Jaap.