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SWCA is excited to announce the appointment of Scott Slessman as the company’s first chief growth officer.

In this newly created position, Slessman will be responsible for achieving SWCA’s growth objectives by identifying strategic opportunities, driving sales success across the organization, and developing the next generation of client services consultants at SWCA.

“Throughout his career at SWCA, Scott has demonstrated an impressive track record of creating valuable growth,” said Joseph J. Fluder, III, CEO and president of SWCA. “He has played a key role in establishing offices and expanding SWCA’s presence in Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region. Scott’s leadership has been instrumental in navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic, adapting business development approaches, and ensuring client satisfaction. His strategic vision, relentless drive, deep industry knowledge, and commitment to our purpose and core values make him the perfect fit to lead as our first-ever chief growth officer.”

Slessman brings more than 30 years of invaluable experience in the environmental consulting industry, having served SWCA in various capacities since 2003. Most recently, as senior vice president of client services, Slessman played a pivotal role in more than tripling SWCA’s total annual sales since 2015. 

The chief growth officer position joins SWCA’s existing c-suite team of Joseph J. Fluder, III, chief executive officer and president; Denis Henry, chief financial officer, and executive vice president; Deborah Owens, chief people officer; Linda Lannen, chief technology officer; Robert Kroeger, chief operating officer; Norma Crumbley, chief delivery officer; and Robert Kloepfer, global strategic management officer.