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SWCA congratulates our client, Enterprise Products, on receiving a deepwater port license for the Sea Port Oil Terminal (SPOT) from the United States Maritime Administration (MARAD).

“Reaching this significant milestone is a huge accomplishment; it indicates the lengthy, thorough, and diligent approach required to meet the stringent requirements of the Deepwater Port Act of 1974 (DWPA),” said Antonino Riccobono, Director of Energy Export Development Projects at SWCA. “As oil and gas continues to play an important role in assuring abundant, affordable energy due to its reliability, we still need innovative and sound solutions to meet the global energy demand — solutions aligning with the highest standards of environmental and operational safety.”

Governing the construction and operation of deepwater port structures, the DWPA sets out conditions that license applicants must meet, such as ensuring minimal adverse impacts on the marine, near shore, and onshore environments using the most stringent safety and risk assessment standards.

As the Applicant’s consultant, SWCA worked closely with Enterprise Products in providing environmental support, coordination, and guidance through all regulatory aspects of the SPOT project, which led to the issuance of the draft, interim, and final environmental impact statements.

After an extensive review by MARAD and the U.S. Coast Guard, which included reviews by more than a dozen federal agencies, a positive Record of Decision was issued by MARAD for the SPOT project on November 21, 2022. The decision was upheld by the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on April 4, 2024.

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