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As water conservation, water infrastructure improvements, river and wetland restoration, watershed planning, and water quality monitoring become a focus nationwide, many different avenues for funding have become available. Our staff can help your team assess project feasibility, generate anticipated costs, and develop preliminary concepts so that you can submit complete, detailed, and competitive funding applications.

We have experience with various grant and funding sources such as those from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the National Fish and Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the New Mexico River Stewardship Program, the New Mexico Water Trust Board, the U.S. Forest Service Collaborative Forest Restoration Program, and others.

At SWCA, we want to make sure that having access to these funding resources is easy. The list of resources below will be updated throughout the year, and we encourage you to check back for new information.

Meet the Experts

Arianna Disser

Arianna is a Water Resources Scientist in SWCA’s Salt Lake City office. She supports numerous water resource projects in Utah by leading field efforts for water quality sampling, completing data analysis on water quality data, preparing reports, and managing projects.

arianna.disser [at] (Contact Arianna  →)

Mary Huisenga

Mary is a Senior Natural Resources Team Lead with a focus on water resources. She supports clients in the region in watershed assessments and planning, post-fire and -flood assessments, restoration ecology, water quality assessments, climate adaptation, and permitting.

Mary.Huisenga [at] (Contact Mary  →)

Chloe Lewis

Chloe is a Water Resource Scientist in SWCA’s Denver, Colorado office. She has nine years of industry experience providing technical support and project management on a variety of projects. She specializes in watershed assessments, climate resilience planning, aquatic resources, wetland ecology, and river restoration.

chloe.lewis [at] (Contact Chloe  →)

Cody Stropki, PhD

Cody is SWCA’s Disaster and Resilience Director and a certified fire ecologist with considerable knowledge of wildland fire planning and hazard mitigation, including 20 years of professional and academic experience.

cstropki [at] (Contact Cody  →)