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Our Services

When you need experience navigating your environmental challenges, SWCA can help. We offer a wide array of environmental services to clients throughout the Southeastern U.S. Services include renewable energy/oil & gas siting and permitting, wetland delineation, protected species assessments, cultural resources surveys and assessments, coastal restoration and living shoreline design, habitat restoration and mitigation, water quality monitoring, land development studies, and stakeholder engagement. We work with clients in a variety of sectors including the energy/power, land development, mining, and municipal sectors.


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Meet the Experts

Robert Kloepfer, Senior Vice President
Global Strategic Management Officer

Robert Kloepfer

Bob has worked with top corporations for more than 35 years to maximize effective environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance assurance, organizational review and optimization, risk management and control, sustainability, and ESG.

robert.kloepfer [at] (Contact Bob  →)
Matt Zoss | Vice President, Rocky Mountain Plains
Vice President - Southeast Region

Matt Zoss

Matt’s expertise includes environmental construction compliance, permitting, field surveys, and project management on large transportation, energy, and commercial projects. 

matthew.zoss [at] (Contact Matt  →)
Stephanie Hudgins | VP - Power & Energy
Vice President – Client Services, Power and Energy

Stephanie Hudgins

Stephanie has led business development strategies across the energy, water, conservation banking, mining, and private development industries.

Stephanie.Hudgins [at] (Contact Stephanie  →)
Senior Office Director - Raleigh

Tom Hale

Tom has managed projects for federal, state, and local agencies for over 33 years. He specializes in environmental planning and natural resource management plans; development of NEPA compliance evaluations and preparation of EAs and EISs. 

thale [at] (Contact Tom  →)
Office Director – Pensacola & Tampa

Davy Crawley

Davy has more than 20 years of experience in project management, siting, design, environmental permitting, and construction compliance for energy development projects in the southeastern U.S.

david.crawley [at] (Contact Davy  →)
Office Director - Jacksonville

Janet Herrick

Janet is an award-winning community leader and sought-after public speaker on the issues of environment, business, and leadership. She has facilitated stake-holder engagement meetings for clients and civic groups on land development projects in NE Florida.

janet.herrick [at] (Contact Janet  →)
Cultural Resource Director

Brent Handley

Brent is a registered professional archaeologist with 29 years of experience in academic research and cultural resource management projects. He supervises all phases of cultural resource assessment, including organization, operations, research, analysis, and reporting.

brent.handley [at] (Contact Brent  →)
Senior Engineering Director

Daren Pait

Daren’s expertise includes watershed management planning, stormwater management system assessments, natural channel design, wetland and living shoreline design, hydraulic flood modeling and flood mitigation design, and stream/shoreline stability assessments.

daren.pait [at] (Contact Daren  →)
Land Services Director

Lucas Coleman

Lucas manages SWCA’s land services team who provides site identification and acquisition services to clients. He specializes in managing landowner and client relationships, co-developed SWCA’s renewables siting model, and holds a national outlook on early-stage development opportunities.

Lucas.Coleman [at] (Contact Lucas  →)


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