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Eric Munscher is promoted to Natural Resources Program Director for the Gulf Coast subregion. In this role, Eric will provide additional support and attention to staff development, mentorship, and engagement, while maintaining focus on business development, program/project execution, and delivery to clients.

Eric has over 19 years of environmental consulting experience across the country, serving in a variety of roles, and specializing in Endangered Species Act (ESA), Waters of the United States (WOTUS), threatened and endangered species surveys and wetland delineations in thirty-eight states.

Eric earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Penn State University and went on to complete his Master of Biology at The University of North Florida. Boasting an impressive academic background, his expertise spans various areas, including herpetology, field biology, population ecology, invasive species biology, comparative anatomy, and physiology. Eric has also contributed significantly to the scientific community by publishing fifty-six peer-reviewed manuscripts, focusing on long-term population demographics, natural history, and geographical distribution of numerous freshwater turtle species

“I look forward to helping SWCA to continue thriving in the Gulf Coast subregion and to work with all of the amazing natural resource experts in the Houston and Baton Rouge offices,” said Eric.