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SWCA is dedicated to leading the charge in stream and river restoration across the United States.

With a passion for the environment, we have made it our mission to revive and protect these crucial waterways. SWCA’s dedicated team of experts excels in various fields related to stream and river restoration. From fluvial geomorphology and natural channel design to watershed hydrology, open channel hydraulics, sediment transport, bioengineering, and aquatic and riparian biology, we have the specialized knowledge and skills needed to bring successful restoration projects to life.

Stream & River Restoration | Ecological Restoration

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Ecological Restoration Brochure

Ecological Restorarion Cutsheet


Recent Projects

Otay River Restoration Project

Development of Comprehensive Management Plans for the Green and Colorado River

Developing a Restoration Plan Along the Mojave River

Water, Water, Everywhere: Stream and Wetland Restoration in North Texas

When it Rains, it Pours: How One Man’s Con Set the Stage for a River’s Destruction and Restoration

Carmel River Restoration Project

Planning Resilient Coastal Communities

Meet the Experts


Ecological Restoration Director

Tony St. Aubin has over 20 years of experience in consulting and serves as the Ecosystem Restoration Service Line Director at SWCA.  Tony sets the program vision, develops new business, plans and implements program structure and procedures, manages client relationships and projects, and manages and mentors program staff. [at] (Contact Tony  →)


Restoration Engineer

Joseph Zhang is an Associate Project Restoration Engineer in SWCA’s Fort Collins, Colorado office. He develops and optimizes engineering designs of stream, wetland, and shoreline projects, assesses stream functions, and builds sustainable ecosystems on project sites. Joseph has experience in project management, engineering design/analysis, and 2D hydrology/hydraulic modeling.

joseph.zhang [at] (Contact Joseph  →)

Ben Snyder

Senior Restoration Engineer

Ben Snyder, Senior Ecosystem Restoration Engineer, has over 20 years of experience in ecohydrology and restoration design. As a California-licensed civil engineer, he is an asset in diverse restoration projects, including wetlands, dam removal, fish passage, and tidal-marsh restoration with experience in engineering design, hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphology, and ecosystem function.

ben.snyder [at] (Contact Ben  →)


Engineering Director

Daren Pait has 22 years of surface water and environmental engineering experience, including watershed management planning, stormwater management facility design and retrofits, stormwater management system assessments, natural channel design, wetland and living shoreline design, hydraulic flood modeling/floodplain mapping, watershed hydrologic modeling, hydraulic modeling flood mitigation design, and stream/shoreline stability assessments.

daren.pait [at] (Contact Daren  →)

Josh Allen

Senior Restoration Engineer

Josh Allen, Principal Restoration Engineer, assists with stream restoration, wetland restoration, surface water quality management, and coastal/living shoreline design projects across the U.S. His responsibilites include conducting site investigations, geomorphic surveys, supervising CADD technicians performing hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and modeling of watersheds, streams, and stormwater wetlands.

josh.allen [at] (Contact Josh  →)

Matt Pierce

Senior Civil Engineer

Matt Pierce, Professional Engineer, has 17 years of experience in civil engineering, environmental engineering, and project management. His expertise include erosion and sediment control layout and design, environmental permitting, earthwork cut/fill analysis, radioactive and hazardous materials coordination, site hydraulic and hydrology landfill gas extraction, and leachate collection design.

matt.pierce [at] (Contact Matt  →)